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    none, the world is full of lies. The world is full of pain. Human are meant to get ready and die. Every years you are happy but the dark truth is the death is coming for you more faster.

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  1. I guess I fixed it I did look on this thread and I follow all step from the guy that said we should kill our pc and it work for now atleast, Btw thank for ur help I appreciate a lot
  2. Hi idk why my game ctd When i do a save new can someone tell me ? this is net framework crash and papyrus log in case plz help me and thank for whoever help me Crash_2020_11_26_19-46-0.txt Papyrus.0.log
  3. I'll try but the standart too I tried clean up nothing but ill try the way you said to see already said that is on
  4. Hi whenever My female pc have love with a female npc she doesnt wear a strap on idk why is like is invisble every strap on is on I cant seem to find the issue anyone have an idea ?
  5. It doesnt work for you ? that weird we can try to help u but I am kinda confuse of how the rank syseme of psq work.
  6. I guess is wintersun sl pact beta doesnt work at all because when I try nothing happen when I disable it work
  7. Hi, I have a problem I accepted the daedra with pact dude idk his name when I pray I click accept pact nothing happen why ?
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