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    none, the world is full of lies. The world is full of pain. Human are meant to get ready and die. Every years you are happy but the dark truth is the death is coming for you more faster.

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  1. I have an issue idk why the morph doesnt seem to workeven after I sleep tried weight none same for hair
  2. I have an issue I sold over 5 slaves in whiterun but in mcm it doesnt seem to count slave it say none
  3. actually it didn't work as it should I tried and nope doesn't work when I made reducing arousal nothing seem to work idk why I use survival mode with wintersun also I use sla patch and is overwrite sl shrine Config.json
  4. I do have it and I put -100 arousal every shrine and It doesnt work maybe because I have baka verrsion ?
  5. yes thing is auto start sex me dont want want that but thx a lot now I can finally talk
  6. yes I cant interact with them when they are in devious device equiped I guess and I use pah when I restraint them
  7. Hi, I have an issue there it seem that I cant talk to npc that have devious device on them idk why here my load order plz help me guys
  8. can U tell me step o step to cure that curse ?
  9. TAWOBA exist for tbd I did see and tried it
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