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[Villianize] Set Up With

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[Villianize] Set Up With

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Set Up With:

Hey Everyone,

So after a while of playing, I finally got fed up with the fact I couldn't talk another Sim into taking a more romantic approach with another Sim without them automatically dating. So with some late night motivation and some help, here we have the mod "Set Up With"


Basically what this does, is under the friendship tab, you click "Other Sims" then you'll see the interaction "Set up with..." This interaction works much like the "Hook up with" interaction, with some differences which I'll List below.

You can set up any sim ages Teen - Elder

~You can set up sims with married sims

~You can set up sims who are related

~You can set up sims with sims 
the game wouldn't want you to hook up with [Grim Reaper, Bonehilda, etc.]

~When you successfully set a sim up with another sim
their Friendship and Romance will increase BUT unlike
the Hook up with interaction, they wont become exclusive.
Think of it like your sim saying to another sim, 
"Hey So-and-so is alright. Go try hitting on them."
If things end up successful they just become more
romantically inclined with one another but aren't 


~First and foremost, I'm a mesh and design guy, so whenever it comes to any sort of code, I'm in alien territory, so if you notice anything weird or buggy, please let me know so I can figure it out.

~The mod works perfectly fine in my game and I've verified that Friendship and Romance both Increase when the interaction is successful.

~This is not an autonomous interaction. Its manual interaction to try and get some storytelling or drama going, so don't worry about every Sim and their mother suggesting to eachother to get with random other Sims.


Sims 4 Community Library - 
[This mod is an API. Basically, it comes with a ton of tools for modders to use in order to expedite the modding process and create a very efficient experience. It also helps for debugging many problems during gameplay per my experience]

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    Sims 4 Community Library


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Nice mod.


I don't know if this is intended but you can use this to introduce sims to dogs (and presumably cats) which should probably work differently or not at all.


(It should also be aware of if you're trying to introduce a Sim to their own family member.)


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