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  1. Thank you guys! For anyone who had this issue with not seeing some of my animations (specifically the ones marked aggressive), I brought it up to Nutty and he found it was an issue specifically when "Allow All Animations for Assault" setting was turned on (you'll notice that if you turn that off in Kinky Settings, my animations will most likely appear for you). The next version of DD (2.3) will have this fixed so you can either wait for that or turn the setting back off for now and turn it back on again after the update!
  2. Nah, DD is not dead whatsoever. LL's great but I dunno why some people are so convinced that this is the only website on the internet. Your information is incorrect, so don't misinform people. And yeah, WW has never enabled pet animations, ever, so talking about it is entirely irrelevant to anything involving pets.
  3. Yeah, it's been hard for me and others to load a lot of pages recently. Maybe it'll go back to normal.
  4. That sounds like a DD issue, try starting the sex via another Sim and "Start NPC Sex". Sure! ^.^
  5. Yeah, I'm not really sure what's up with that, sometimes it loads for me and other times it times out? Very strange, but glad that a fair number of people are checking the thread.
  6. Sometimes the download page can be hard to load, so here are the packages from today in case this thread loads any better for y'all! WW_Alonely_Animations.package WP_Alonely_Animations.package
  7. I'm not sure what you mean fully by the first, 'cause if you shift click a Sim there's "Copy This Sim's Preferences" and "Mark as Dream Sim" which are super fast to copy preferences across Sims. I get what you mean by the second part tho, I'm sure that's on their list to fix since I mentioned it too and they update pretty often. But since Turbo's pretty slow at suggestions even from patrons, now that I have my Sims set up I don't think I'd go back for the attractiveness bit specifically, but of course I still use WW and DD for the animation stuff itself. Prolly is lower priority
  8. Check Villainize's (the guy a few posts above you) signature.
  9. Doesn't DD already do a lot of that in its Milk Farm? There's another mod called ERO (Etheria Romance Overhaul) that also adds attractiveness. They just added the male and female preference only feature like a day or two ago, in like a day lol. Dunno if it's hard to code 'cause I wouldn't know, but I had my doubts before trying it out because of that but it actually works surprisingly well with the separate turn on an turn off lists between the sexes. So far I now use both WW and ERO attractiveness, but I don't really use the WW version as much as I used to because it actually d
  10. Make sure you had "testingcheats on" when you try to modify the mod settings. Any shift+click function of a mod can only be done with testingscheats on.
  11. DD's later versions also require the ModSettingsMenu, which enables the shift+click "Configure Mod Settings" menu. I dunno about any other support questions but I remember wondering the same thing so I know this one. That's incorrect, the mod still exists and is obtainable. I can't really field any other questions about DD since it's not my mod. Check out his Discord server for more info and support; I'm just an animator.
  12. To my understanding it was not the content itself that was banned, though. At least that's what the thread for it says by the mods and which would make sense given the mods LL has for Skyrim; I hope no one shoots the messenger since I'm open to being corrected. Nah. You know you can just not uninstall the mod right? It's one of the most resilient mods to game patches there is. Every animation still works, and DD didn't warp out of existence.
  13. If you're wondering if you have to uninstall WW to use DD, nope! But they're both sex mods, yeah; you can use both if you want and just choose which one you want to use with the menus in-game, but DD in my experience is much more stable and efficient, and loads animations wayyy faster (especially on animations with many Sims where in WW for me they all just stand naked in the same spot on top of each other for ages). So I found myself loading and testing normal animations in DD for the speed and extra stuff like milking and then kinda stopped using WW really.
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