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  1. Pets are only in the WP one, the WW package has no pets.
  2. Cool, welcome! Look forward to taking a peek!
  3. One includes only previews of the pet animations, the other contains only non-pet animation previews. Both sets of previews are required to have previews of most of my animations.
  4. If only I could make that happen through the Internet. 😧 Regardless, check it yo!
  5. They're the ones listed at the bottom of the main page, I'll send ya a message!
  6. Thank you asketo, that helps a lot!
  7. Thank you both very much, bobahloo and GreyNaya! I realized that it was a combination of forgetting the tick length and accidentally keeping in the lip flap censor. Though one more question on that: You would want to have the lip flap censor only during blowjob etc. animations using the mouth, right? Can any sounds still be emitted at all when a Sim's lip flaps are censored, or are even moany-groany sounds unable to sound off if the lips are blocked?
  8. Anything that works for WickedPets should work for DeviousDesires, because DeviousDesires contains the entirety of WickedPets plus extra features from KinkyWhims, and DD replaces them both. DeviousDesires = WickedPets + KinkyWhims
  9. Thanks very much for looking into it! But...hold up for a moment, you're saying that file you attached actually plays sounds for you? My game still doesn't, even when I use your version of my package. I also changed the timecode values on mine to be in increments of .034 and they're still not working for me (by the way, yes, the bed version of the animation is separate; only the one on the floor is affected by our changes). Could you try my edited version here again and see if any of these sounds play for you again? I appreciate your help! WW_Alonely_Animations.package
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