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Default Penis change?


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Go here.


Download 2nd bottom file

Simdulgence RealGensPenis 1.10.7z
66.08 MB / February 9, 2020



Unzip and you will see this, the 1st file withCAS in title, is like "clothing" you can equip it in the CAS screen (and I think, choose it as a body type in Wicked whims) it has alll sizes available.

Below that are  the DEFAULT Replacment files (which is what you want), choose ONLY ONE in your prefered size.



So say you put simdulgence_cas_ymBtm_RealGensPenisPlus_Default_LargeCUncut.package in your mods folder.

Now every naked male will have a large uncut penis by default.


You can then individulise any sim you want in in wicked whims. Click on the sim> Wicked> Personalisation > Body selector, and that 1st CAS file should mean you can give a sim any size penis from the list.

Note you can also download other CAS penis's like "pornstar cock" and use them in the selector.

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My mum was embarassed by the typos and made me correct them.
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