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New Dialogue not working properly in modded content and can't assign Just Business slaves to a settlement.

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I've installed TextInputMenu, New Dialog, and Extended Dialogue Interface but they are not working properly. In mods like Sexual Harassment the NPC will approach my character and pause for a bit as if they are speaking but there is no dialogue. I understand most won't actually be voiced but there is no Text for what they are supposed to be saying either, although I do get response dialogue choices, for which it does appear to function as No will deny the request and Goodbye will end the conversation, I just don't really know what I'm responding to.


This is more of a concern for Just Business as Captures are not fully functional. I am able to activate the additional dialogue but it does not appear to be the correct options. I am able to *Enslave* and that part functions, but it becomes a problem after as I am not able to assign them to a settlement. I've also tried to use a Terminal built at one of my Settlements and used the Move Here option but they do not and the "no home" designation remains.


I am currently checking the dependencies to try to fix it but I had thought I installed the mods properly on Vortex and could use some assistance. Also, I wanted to ask if it was likely that I would have to start a New Save once it is fixed?

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