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Ranty-Ranty: Eco-Lifestyle In Cottage-something

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I own cottage living+ eco lifestyle 

I could make Thousands producing power in Eco,

and around 600K a day with dragon-fruits, weird flowers, pomegranates

I was so bloody rich I had a vault set up at the park to hold my untold millions...

NOW my plants die daily, eaten by weeds

I'm down to four plants and it's a race to supersell before they are eaten.

Taxes didn't used to be a problem, $99,000, or so power, water production netted me (uhm) a lot, $117K.

Now the same production things have me down to $299 each a day, and a $2800-tax bill.

Which boss's girlfriend complained?

What miser from hell was spawned?

WTH happened?

poor. Real poor.

Lost my ECO rating (I'll look into that) suddenly it's Neutral.

But on the plus side, I have a baby chick I call "George" and Pumpkins to grow.

I might sell everything else and grow a BIGGIE pumpkin-patch, but they'll prolly screw that up too.

I'm totally bummed.




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