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Simple, easy-to-implement female pubic hair mod--is there such a thing??

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Hello one and all. I am fairly new to this community and to modding in general, but not to Skyrim or other video games. That said, as the topic title states, it is getting a little frustrating when I install mods that SHOULD work as intended (one such example is the SOS Female Pubics mod) but, when I take the armor off female characters, it's still smooth as a baby's bottom. So my plea to you, the wide, wonderful, perverted community of Skyrim modders and mod enthusiasts, is simple: Find me a mod that is simple, requires a minimum of other mods to work, and, most importantly, that WORKS!! Thanks for listening to my TED Talk, and have a good day!!

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it's greyed out aka not active, can you list the coflicting files once active? (rightclick arrow icon, click "show conflicts" in menu) also what mods does it conflict with?


A conflict is not bad per se, just two or more nods try to write the same file to the data folder. Vortex won't actualy deploy (write files) until you told it which mod to prefer (load after in conflict rules, but if you are more advanced you can cherry pick single files via the "show conflicts" tool, this also will override your general deploy order choice)

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This piece of shit is really getting on my nerves. I'll try to reinstall all this horse crap tomorrow if I don't yeet my computer out the window first. Oh, and I probably should have led with this, but I am looking for mods for the Special Edition, from any source as long as it is safe.

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