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Neck Collar moding resource as OBJ with PBR and calsic materials

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PBR Neck Collar moding resource / devious device OBJ and FBX with Skyrim and PBR materials


build using Marvelous Designer, ZBrush, Substance Painter

The download includes:

  • Substance Painter *.spp (so that you can build you own textures in Substance Painter)

  • Substance Painter Export preset for Skyrim “ExportSetup_SP_Skyrim.spexp”

  • OBJ

  • FBX

  • 4 Texture Sets with PBR and Classic Skyrim materials

  • Marvelous Designer Base Mesh

That is my take on how things could look in a PBR render version and with the use of the mentioned tools

not in nif format but feel free to import the obj and used this in your Skyrim mods.







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