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Financially poor start & increased difficulty

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Hello!  I'm thinking of a new run through of the game in the near future, but wanted to do something a little more hard with less money.  In previous playthroughs, I used the alternate start mod to start as a beggar in one of two towns.  I have then stolen and worked my way up to gear and eventually started doing quests and built my way up from there.  On this next time, I want to know what kind of mods and things can I do to make that a lot more difficult?


I feel like it's too easy to steal and work your way up from the poor start to having gear and being able to start questing like a player in a normal modding setup.  I know one simple answer is "then RP as if your character can't steal" but I want them to still have that option but I want stealing to be harder and I guess just make things a lot more harder in the beginning.  Any suggestions for mods for the stealing difficulty and mods that can make it harder starting out?


I've played Ultimate Skyrim moldiest in the past and played around with Requiem so I'm not sure if that's just what I'm looking for or if there's better alternatives.

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If you want to make it harder, or increase the cost, SL Survival is a good way to go.  You'll probably want to turn a lot of options off, but having to pay tolls and for licenses to cast magic and other things definitely make the beginning tougher.


As for stealing, you can increase the discount the vendors give for stolen goods, increase the chances of being stopped by a guard to be inspected, etc, but if you specialize as a thief, then honestly you should eventually find a way past these hurdles.  That is the reward for dedication.

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