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  1. Sorry if this has already been answered, but are there mods that will send you here to Cidhna as punishment? Or is the only way in through the Forsworn Conspiracy quest? I know that there's addons that connect with Simple Slavery to do a Pirates, Bandits, or Vampires quests, but I wasn't sure about just the mine itself.
  2. Is there a mod that allows you to haggle prices with sex acts? Let's say I was in Belethor's store in Whiterun and had some things I wanted to sell but didn't like the prices. Is there a mod that would allow me to have sex with the shopkeeper and increase the sale price? Or if I was buying instead and wanted cheaper prices. What about one that allows you to get a room for the night at an inn for free using sex? Also I know that sexlab solutions allows you to complete many quests with sex options but what about in general? Are there mods that allow you to bypass any
  3. That fixed it! I should have thought of that myself. I appreciate your patience!
  4. Yes, I grabbed the esp and the two folders that were in there per the txt instructions included with the mod. I went into CK and confirmed that the NIF has the creature equipment displaying. I went into SSE Edit and I see both DraugrWolfAA and DraugrWolfAAHard. It's like the vargr won't go from AA to AAHard for some reason. I don't know if explaining it this way helps with the issue or if it's just explaining what you already knew from my previous posts. Thanks for taking the time to respond to them so far.
  5. Can you tell me the correct steps without a mod manager? Is it unzipping the original archive and dropping it in the data folder and then taking the compatability files and dropping them in the data folder, too, overwriting the originals for the vargr mod?
  6. I installed the vargr mod through MO2 and then dropped the folders from MNC compatibility kit in the Special Edition data folder. It's the same way I did the zombie one. I also tried going into my mo2/mods/vargr mod folder and dropped the files there instead. Neither method worked I also tried doing the nif optimizer on the meshes in the Special Edition Data folder from MNC Compatibility. If these steps are wrong, please tell me the correct ones. Thanks!
  7. Is there a mod that can be used alongside this one where you can get a NPC to follow you out of the way for the aggressor feature? I'm not wanting a NPC to become a follower. I'm wanting to convince one to follow me off to the side to knock them out and put them in a sack without alerting other NPCs and the guards.
  8. I'm having issues with Vargr. I was able to take Milhail's Zombies and skinned dogs mods and use your MNC compatibility fix mod and make those creatures work here in SSE, but Vargr, who also have a folder in the MNC compatibility fix files won't get hard. You can see the equipment but when animations start, their equipment doesn't get hard. I haven't seen erection issues with any other creatures in the game. Here's the SSE mod where I got Vargr from. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13257?tab=files
  9. What are some good troubleshooting steps for why the mod is no longer working? I installed a fresh version of Skyrim and all the mods required to get Defeat working. I had everything set up and started a brand new game. I only got maybe 3 hours into the game and everything was working fine including Defeat. I was out of town for a few days and during that time my computer was off and unplugged. I booted the computer and game up this morning only to find that Defeat doesn't work anymore. All the other mods seem fine just not Defeat. I tried several earlier saves including some
  10. Does this mean that the only way for me to be enslaved by the enemies who defeat me is to manually submit to them? I have SL Defeat. I'm just not sure after going through the menus on all three mods: Defeat, SD+, and Death Alternative how I need to set it up to where when, say bandits defeat me, I become their slaves. I have all the required mods. So I feel like it's something I'm not doing in the settings.
  11. Is there a mod where if you break into someone's home or business, instead of them trying to force you out or threatening to call the guards, they'll instead attack you triggering a mod like Defeat or engage you in dialogue where they demand sex instead of calling the guards?
  12. After reading the first post, I have a question. I see there's a recommended mods section and many of them hook into this mod. if we don't use any of the recommended mods will using this mod by itself cause the enemies who directly defeat us to be the ones who actually enslave us and become our masters? In other words, I'm wanting to use a mod like this so that when my character is defeated there's a chance that they'll become enslaved by the characters that defeated her/him. When I've used the other mods on the recommended list, it tends to put my on an auction block and then I
  13. Ok so if I deactivate the female esp, should I no longer be seeing my female bodies changed since I'm using CBBE? I'm really only looking to use this mod for the males, especially orcs and argonians. If that's true that I should no longer see my females textures change, but they still are, does that mean something is wrong with my load order? Since your mod is the latest one installed, I have it last in both the mods and plugins panels. I see your load order in the original post and I've met that. Also could it be an issue with not having run FNIS or BodySlide after installing the mod? I
  14. I'm having a problem with this mod. Whenever I install it, it works fine for males, but it causes my female bodies to change body type look, look weird in general, and has some kind of texture issue around their waist area. To be clear, this is for females without schlongs which is my desired outcome for using this mod. I tried deactivating both the loincloth esp and the female esp that was listed and neither fixed the issue. My female body type is CBBE. Is there any way for me to be able to use the mod for the males without it affecting female bodies? Could this be a loading
  15. Are there any sort of mods some of you use for indoors to make the lighting better? I want to do some screens and possibly video, but my areas are too dark. For example, if I record something in that room after the Helgen Dragon attack where you first get your bindings removed, I deal with some shadows that in some positions look great, while other positions are hindered by the shadows.
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