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Quick editing question for Outfit Studio - Clipping with Preset

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I am a beginner with the outfit studio, and have been reading/watching all sorts of guides, but what I want to do is a lot less complicated then what most guides are showing. I have a body, and outfits. The outfits on the body are fine with my sliders at zero (which most guides seem to target). When I load my preset though, then there is just a lil clipping. When I try to edit with the preset, it says I have to edit with my sliders at zero, which I then can't see the clipping if I set those. How can I edit with my preset enabled, thus allowing me to edit the outfit at it max size? Is Set Base Shape what I want to do? Is this going to allow for smaller NPCs to wear those outfits to their body shapes? I feel the answer is right in front of my face : /

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Outfitstudio\Import nif\Caliente Tools\Bodyslide\Shape Data , import your body . In the right palette, right click on the Bodyshape and select Rerference












Import more your Bodyshape 






Outfitstudio\Import nif\Caliente Tools\Bodyslide\Shape Data , import armor 






Right click on the Base Shape of the armor and select Delete






Click on the armor part. If it is made up of several parts, click on the first one, SHIFT + Click on the last one to select all . Right click and select Copy Bone Weight . Extend the values to the maximum










Always with all parts selected: Slider \ Conform Selected and, even here, extend the values to the maximum






Export nif , save and overwrite Armor


Bodyslide, Import Armor , import yor Body preset and rebuild 

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Thanks for taking the time, it is very appreciated! What exactly does the Set Base Shape button actually do? I spent more time then I care to admit trying to find a answer on what that effects, and when it would be used?

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57 minutes ago, jap2015 said:

Could you clarify where this Bodyshape comes from?

Just import it 2 times. On the first one select Reference (right click)






If, on the other hand, you are interested in SMP it is  BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation)  





I also added other parts from: DINT999 KSHairdo's SMP, COCO Luscious Lady SMP, COCO Anaconda SMP, [NINI] Venus Valkirie SMP , 

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