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Nude Body & Clothes from Same Bodyslide Preset Look Different

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Hello. I'm afraid I have an issue I'm sure a more skilled user has heard a million times.


I've been racking my brain trying to make Bodyslide work correctly for me. I'm doing everything in MO2 and I use Fusion Girl 1.8 and have a few clothing replacer mods for it. I'm trying to build my character's naked body and clothing with different outfit presets so that it looks more realistic (basically just having her boobs held up more while clothed and sag a bit while naked, nothing too fancy or complicated.)


What is stumping me is that I don't appear to be pulling this off correctly. In the attached images, the nude pic is what my character should look like. The clothed pic shows what happens to her with clothing equipped. My character is clearly stockier and thicker, but she shouldn't be. The only difference should be that her breasts would be more supported. It's like a completely different body is being generated and implemented.


I've been fussing over different Body/Outfits, Presets, and Group Manager, but it's all been very unclear. In the Modify Executables, I have the "Create files in mod instead of overwrite" box ticked with the output specified being a custom folder that I made for the sake of such output files. But this is only confusing me further because it seems unticking that mod makes the clothing look right, but the body wrong, and ticking it makes the body wrong and clothes correct. Or if not that, then I have a "clothed" body while naked (boobs supported by invisible push up bra.)


Is there a correct way to achieve what I'm trying to do? Tutorials either seem uber basic or they go straight into outfit conversions with Studio. I'm missing some mid range nuance here.


Am I supposed to always hold Ctrl in Bodyslide for the custom folder? How is that different from "create files in mod?"


Thanks to anyone who responds!

20210607 Bodyslide WTF 01.jpg

20210607 Bodyslide WTF 02.jpg

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Not a user of MO2, so I'm not entirely sure what that has to do with creating the outfits in Bodyslide. 


In Bodyslide, you set your body, build it to create the base character body, then keep that as your preset. Select the outfit you want to build (batch build is your friend here), check the 'create morphs' box, then build your outfits. I've never held the 'ctrl' key when building outfits and I've never had a problem. You shouldn't need to use Outfit Studio at all, unless you are making your own conversions from CBBE to Fusion Girl.


If the outfits don't have Fusion Girl Bodyslide files, they won't generate correctly. Some outfits also have a body shape attached to them (can be seen in bodyslide when you preview the outfit - if there is a body inside, that is the body that will show when you put the outfit on)



edit. Ok, re-reading what you have there, what you need to do is build your nude body as you want to see your character naked. Build the Fusion Girl - Nude 'outfit' to that body.


Then, create a new preset with the breasts supported - save it, but don't build it yet, as this will overwrite your nude body.

Batch build all your outfits, except Fusion Girl - Nude to this body design. 

That should give you the proper appearance when clothed and unclothed. Keep in mind that some clothing mods (VTAW's in particular) will have the footwear occupying the 'Body' slot, so your body shape is going to go to the 'outfit' body, even if you are only wearing footwear.


Because of this, I can run around the Commonwealth in only my High Heel Boots and nothing else, and nobody thinks I'm naked. Conversely, if I'm not wearing my boots, no matter how much else I have on, people think I'm naked.

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