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Nipple piercings seem to be hooked to a different bone - anyone seen this before? Any advice? Thanks!

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Hi All!


Apologies in the beginning, I still consider myself a newbie.



I'm currently playing Skyrim SE with Sexlab, Sexlab Survival, Sexlab Devious Followers, Sexlab Slaverun, and most importantly, Devious Devices SE 5.1. 


I'm also using BHUNP for SE (with a preset in bodyslide).



So, the problem I'm having is that nipple piercings seem to be hooked to a different bone than the nipples themselves. I tried to slide them into place in bodyslide, but because they are on different bones (I think), they bounce independently and disconnectedly. Like, the nipple might swing downwards, while the piercing is flying upwards.


Has anyone seen this before? Is this a clash between BHUNP and old school UNP? With CBBE?





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22 minutes ago, AcacGames said:

Is this a clash between BHUNP and old school UNP? With CBBE?




For this to work, naked and clothed/armoured, you will need both the armour and nipple rings to be built to the same BodyType (BHUNP) and preset as your character. This will likely mean, at least in the case of DD items, converting them to BHUNP in Outfit Studio.


The BHUNP body has more breast bones than UUNP and CBBE so it will also move differently.







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