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Wicked Whims Animations Not Working After Update

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Hello Friends How are You Please Help me friends i have just updated my game to the latest version also i have installed the latest update of wicked whims mod after that i tried to have sex with my sims its not working i am asking the sims to have sex through romance option and by other options also like clicking on the bed they talk with each other then nothing happens the animations are not working please can anyone help me why is this happening no animations are working sims are not having sex never happened with me before.?? did the update mess it up.?? I Started a new game in order to check this thing but the problem is sill there please help me friend thanks any help will be appreciated thanks

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4 hours ago, JaybeeAnimations said:

When you click on the bed, are you getting the Wicked Whims option in the pie menu? You said you have tried to initiate sex through romance options, but the Wicked Whims sex animations are different from normal sims Woohoo

Yes I have the pie menu I tried to start the sex animation but nothing happens why is this happening please help me

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13 hours ago, Nillabean9 said:

following. im having the same issue! I removed the animations from my mods folder then added it again, and its still not working. I'm not even getting the option to woohoo.

Yeah I have the same issue so did you fix it you got any solution for this.? 

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9 hours ago, HuskTheHelpful said:

Do you have other mods installed?

Are they up to date?

Did you run the game with only WW installed?

It works fine for me and many others too from what I've seen on the forum already.

I have many mods installed its a long list i so don't onow they are up to date or not and No I haven't tried the game with only WW installed i will check it now thanks for the help and I will try it  thanks stay blessed 

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