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S.L.U.T.S : I tried this 3 times and found it more interesting than expected. The major problems were with the cart she pulls. It kept breaking loose and was difficult to connect back, especially under attack. Otherwise it turned out to be quite fun trying to meet manifest requirements. In first-person view, I sometimes forgot it was a naked lady in bondage gear. I never got paid because of lost carts, and debts kept rising. I would really like to see this mod continue as it can be good (?) fun. Because of cart issues, my suggestion :


Dump the carts completely! No other real changes needed. Instead she should add to her body, all the same BD gear, a huge backpack, at each pickup site. Big, Big pack like special forces carry, could even have wheels under it. Instead of being a separate cart and its power she could be the convenient horses pony-girl. The items carried could be anything.

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