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[REQ] CBBE & TjoP Conversion for The Ninja Project - Beta


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So here's the armor in question - 


The Ninja Project - Beta by infernozard7




I just think its the most bestest ninja armor I've seen in a video game.  And we all want to be a ninja deep down, don't we?  Don't we!?!


Well I do.


Okay - so, I just don't know how to even attempt this.  As I've stated before, I'm just not a modder - I tried opening the nifskope thingy and poked around a tutorial for a few, all to no avail.


If some kind hearted person(s) out there would be willing to convert this armor to CBBE I would totally love it! (Its ok to do that right? I dunno - the mod author doesn't say anything about permissions in his post)


BUT - Even converting it to CBBE won't solve the other half - and ultimately more important - issue I'm trying to solve with this armor.


There's another great mod - The Joy of Perspective by 3AMt http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/6002


I find this mod completely indispensable!


There's bunches of conversions for this armor, and the mod author gives instruction on his post how to convert an armor.  It requires changing the name of the 3rd person meshes and overwriting the 1st person meshes.  That's all well and fine, and it works 9 out of 10 times.  But there are no 1st person meshes existent in the mesh folder for the torso section.


When I looked at it in nifskope it says its the "redguard outfit" - and when you look down at your body in Skyrim, using TJoP, your staring at the top half of the redguard outfit ad your legs are invinsible (so are your gloves too - but those have 1st person meshes that can be overwrote with the 3rd person meshes and work just fine).


Soooo - well yes, I asked the mod author to consider these conversions - but I thought it might be worth asking here too - since, well you guys are all uber professionals and stuff, I was hoping some fellow TJoP, CBBE, ninja enthusiast would help me out...???





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Well - I replaced and renamed the files and from a clean save loaded your esp - but I was still looking at the top of the redguard outfit.


Could it be b/c I'm running Peasant Variety?  I'll try to uninstall that and see what happens.

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I don't know where may be the issue. Are you sure you have replaced the esp file?

I've downloaded the esp file (just to be sure I didn't attach the wrong file) and tested it with the TJoP mod.


Original esp:



Modified esp:



Creation kit:



Ninja files


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Well the possibility exists I was using the old esp by mistake.  I've since had a total modmalfunction that required a complete game reinstall.  So I reinstalled the ninja mod, copied and renamed the files per the instructions - and made sure I used your esp - and it WORKS!!!


Oh joy, oh joy - can't you just see the  butterflies and little blue birds fluttering about happily???


Thankz youz soooo much!!!! xoxoxox

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