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My Mod Idea, Need Help on how to create it or just someone willing to make it

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Hey guys new here, so I have a desire to make a mod that should be hopefully quite simple to make.

My initial idea was related to the sunny companion mod but I have no idea how to add dialogue, wish I did.

But then I got an idea that would hopefully add some more life to the game - I think it should be a simple idea to execute based on what I've seen?.

Maybe not, since I don't know how to mod.

Basically the idea is to add a quick summary interaction by the player that lets them know certain information about their companion, either by a hotkey - or through conversation mods such as smalltalk.

The big picture is to add randomized messages that change everyday related to the companions mood / thought process / facial expressions etc.

So for example, today you press the hotkey on sunny and a text message appears on the screen saying any of the following:

Sunny is feeling tired / sleep deprived / hungry / weak / sick - for human conditions 

Sunny is feeling angry / frustrated / hopeful / motivated / anxious / sad / curious / grateful - for moods

Sunny is feeling worried for you / excited for you / proud of you / turned on / scared of you - For feelings related to the player

Sunny is feeling mad at "Insert name here" - such as Legion, NCR, or random player names including companions - this is for insight on topics related
to the world.

As you can hopefully see, a simple text prompt would add a lot of roleplay potential through information that the game doesn't try enough to provide regarding companion / npc feelings, this way even if it's not voiced - it adds a quick summary of what a certain person is feeling without needing too much detail through conversation.

Instead of interacting repeatedly with a companion hoping someday they have more to say - this would add more incentive to interact with your companions
every 24 hours in game. And heck maybe less time, I'm just focusing on an easier mark to hit.

Of course it would be awesome if someone expanded this concept and tied it to certain world events, such as if you just fought for example some legion soldiers and they injured the player - you interact with say sunny and she gives you a summary like "Sunny is feeling worried for you" regarding your wounds.

There is a lot of potential I feel with this idea and I would personally want to make it, I just don't know how - so if you are interested in it feel free to tackle it as well - I will be thinking of suggesting this mod idea to modders and if I haven't figured it out hopefully one of them makes it happen. Of course it would be cool if I am credited for at least the idea lol.

I don't see how this would be hard to make because it shouldn't conflict with anything, it just adds a text prompt / notification when interacting with 
companions every 24 hours in game. There are modders out there that have made WAY bigger projects.

Maybe it's more complicated than I think Idk, hope not ! . Because I personally enjoy mods like small talk and sexout intimacy that add text related interactions, to make the game feel more alive.

And I just don't see another simpler way of adding so much depth to companions, to me this mod would totally change the game just because the companions don't feel real enough - I wish there were more idle comments or animations at least.

This seems to me like the most simple way to add a feeling of the companions having moods, feelings, reactions and such.

And I don't feel it's immersion breaking because it's just a quick summary of what they are thinking / feeling, you don't need a voice actor for that.

In any case I would appreciate advice on how I could make this mod possible, thanks for your time if you reply.

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