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  1. Yes I apologize, I was new to the community and was in love with the concept of your mod and just got greedy wanting more - I now have been trying to mod myself and see how tedious it can be. However ! I am currently working on a mod using small talks framework - maybe I should have used your framework hmm. The mod aims to create over 100 random short dialogue interactions with any npc, so you talk to any npc using the phrase "How are you ? what's on your mind" and they give you a random answer up to 100 different ones. The goal is to make the answers once a day only, or maybe j
  2. Hey guys new here, so I have a desire to make a mod that should be hopefully quite simple to make. My initial idea was related to the sunny companion mod but I have no idea how to add dialogue, wish I did. But then I got an idea that would hopefully add some more life to the game - I think it should be a simple idea to execute based on what I've seen?. Maybe not, since I don't know how to mod. Basically the idea is to add a quick summary interaction by the player that lets them know certain information about their companion, either by a hotkey - or through conversation mods such as
  3. Man I really wish there was some way to add some sort of sound or at least expressions to npcs / companions, just the text alone doesn't feel complete. Even if it's sounds that have nothing to do with the characters voices, but like one of those typical sound effects for "small talk" such as people murmuring or anyone laughing to suggest a "summary" of what's going on, sort of like the black screens when players have intimate relations - SURE, it doesn't feel immersive, but what if those black screens weren't there at all? ... it loses SOME meaning of implication. Basically effects /
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