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ww animation makeing question?

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I wanted to make my own animation, so i have been learning all things i need

i read this tutorial (https://wickedwhims.tumblr.com/post/145448014836/tutorials) and practiced, Finally i understood how to make animation but it's still difficult for me.

and now I'm trying to disassemble package files created by others and rework just for practice.

there, i got some problems.


When i open blender file exported by sims 4 studio, there is no tougue and penis. just male and female model wearing panties.

i guess creators has made animation with model rig(naked) provided by ww.

but in progress of exporting from sims 4 studio clip file to blender file, sims 4 studio exports as default model (not ww version)

i have tried appending work in blender. but there is already no bone rig (tougue, penis....) so i can't see how it works

also there is no tutorial about these topic.


I just want to export blender file as ww model (not wearing default cloth) from sims 4 studio. Can anybody deal these problem?? 

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