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Any other "money making" sex mods?

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I'm looking for mods where you can make money via "perverted" means. I'm not talking about regular prostitution though. I'm looking for mods similar to Nisa's Wicked Perversion where you can make money through the bunny's and the eggs they lay. Like, are there mods where you can put/lock a sim into a milking machine and sell their milk/seed for profit or anything similar to that??

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The patreon version of WW has "SimHub", a sim version of PornHub. If you crank it up to 6x a sim could economically get by with posting sex pictures. That was playable. It needs an interaction so that a sim can say "well, it's almost bill day and we're X simolians short so we need to make sex pictures to upload to make some money".

Wish it worked with the drone videos.

I need to learn how to make mods for WW.

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