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Barbaric Boob Armor for UNP SE - Short Loincloths - 4k

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Barbaric Boob Armor for UNP SE - Short Loincloths - 4k

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Barbaric Boob Armor for UNP SE - Short Loincloths - 4k textures



Well it's another skimpy armor! Kinna rustic, sorta. Little bitta leather, little bitta fur. Lotta feathers. And teeth. Gotta have teeth.


-4 Loincloths (2 hide, 2 sabrecat fur)
-2 Vests (light and dark)
-2 Handwraps (light and dark)
-2 Pairs of leather boots (light and dark)
-2 Pairs of fur legwarmers.
-2 Armbands (if you don't know by now...)
-2 Earrings (2 different metals, and by "2 earrings" I mean 2 sets of 1 earring. It goes in your right ear)
-1 Headdress
-1 Necklace


And you can make them all at the smithing forge under steel.
The only exceptions are the necklace and earrings which are found under jewelry. No perks necessary.

Armor-wise you're looking at scaled armor stats. Didn't want it to be (too) ridiculous, but on the other hand I didn't want to be realistic (no armor for anyone ever!) and have it be unviable for mid-late game antics. They do also have scaled armor keywords so your ability to craft advanced armors will help you temper it all. OH! And the headdress might take the circlet slot, but its keywords mark it as a light armor helmet, so theoretically you should get your bonuses from perks and all.

These might be ever-so-slightly challenging to craft. I'm a little bored with armors, etc. that just say "have leather strips, will travel" so things are a bit more realistic. Well. At least a reasonable facsimile. So the headdress? That thing done gots five feathers all up in it. So you need five feathers to craft it. Also I felt it would be a bit of a cheat to just call for a couple pieces of leather and call it good, given that this little ensemble actually provides decent armor.

Something to note is that, because the vest occupies the body slot (slot 32), wearing only the loincloth will count as being naked. So if you're worried about people commenting loudly on the state of your undress, you can use a no naked comments mod to shut them up.

Also the headband isn't fitted for Khajiits and Argonians, and it probably won't be. I just don't think it would translate well to the shape of their heads.




Drop the contents of the 7z into Skyrim/Data. Mod manager users, let 'em do their thing.

To uninstall, use the mod manager or remove RM_Barbarian.esp from Skyrim/Data, and then remove the folders named RM Barbarian from your meshes and textures folders. Easy!

As always BACK UP YOUR SAVES! Probably not a huge issue to uninstall mid-game, but better safe than sorry, ya know?


None that I know of! Probably aren't any given the nature. I haven't changed any vanilla things

Known Issues:

-The feathers on the vest will stretch a bit. They just will.

-There are teeny-tiny hairline seams at the wrists. I have been trying to fix them, but so far nothing I've tried has worked. I'm going to keep at it, but it's not gonna be my full-time job. It's really not terribly noticeable unless you just catch it the right way, but I'm painfully aware, myself, and can forget/take fine screenshots without a huge issue.

Converted from the Skyrim LE version here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/78397.

The esp was converted to form 44 with Creation Kit. Nifs optimized with NIF Optimizer Textures checked with NIF Optimizer


Credit to the original mod creator, now account deleted.

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