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9 minutes ago, Olivia Maregard said:

iirc stellaris doesn't load mods going down but going up. Firstly real space and planetary diversity have compatability issues Try this:

Once that's downloaded sort your mod list from Z->A which can be done in the top right of the window.


If that doesn't work reply to this message and I'll see what else I can do.



The current Stellaris launcher definitely loads from the top down, with the mod in the first position loading first, and being overwritten by the mod in the second position if they modify the same thing, and so on.


Boobbut:  It looks like you're loading mods in alphabetical order, which won't work.  What you need to do is figure out which mods are "parents" to the other mods and ensure that the parents are loaded first.  Additionally, several of the mods you have listed here have been out of date for months or even years, and you're really running too many anyway.


The best thing you can do at this point is check the version information on the mods, and just delete anything older than about 2.2.  Anything older basically won't work at all, and anything before 2.8 will likely have issues.  Given that 3.0 just released, even some recent mods won't work properly until they're updated.


Once you've done that you want to break down your 160ish mods into groups:

- Core gameplay changes

- Species/Ships/Voice packs

- Visuals and UX


First check the mods that update the gameplay.  Load each of them one by one and make sure that they work.  As you confirm their compatibility, add another and another, ensuring that each "child" mod is loaded after its "parent" (aka, the child is lower on the list).  Once you get all of the gameplay changes done, *most* of the compatibility stuff should be taken care of.  That should be the hardest part, or at least the part that will cause crashes and weird behaviour.


Second load your species mods.  Many of these will conflict with one another as they're often trying to modify the same files.  For example, SE Humans and Vanilla Framework both modify the Humanoids species definitions.  There is a patch for compatibility here, but any time two mods are overwriting the same thing there can (usually will) be problems.  Select groups of mods here and try them out.  As an example here, you have three unique Asari mods all trying to do the same thing.  Pick one of MEC Asari (my preference), SE Mass Effect Asari, or Mass Effect Asari Species, and get rid of the others entirely (they're just clogging up the folder and making your load order more confusing).  Get each species figured out, apply the nude mod to them, and then move on to the next.


Last you want to load the changes to visuals and UX (user experience/user interface).  You load these last because they change the presentation of all of the information to you, and a lot of other mods all have their own ideas about how to do this.  Having this as the last step makes it a lot simpler to keep everything consistent, but you may need to tweak things around a bit more.


I'm not going to go through all of your mods because I'm not familiar with all of them, but from the ones I see and use myself, I would load the following order:



Real Space (technically this is a visual update, and I would normally recommend loading them last, but Real Space has a LOT of implications that other mods make use of, so load it first and let them modify it)

More Events

More Picks and Points: Traits/Civics

Lustful Void

Wild Lascivity

Kinky Void

Sexopolis Project


Species: (grouped for ease of use)

MEC Asari

MEC Asari lewd patch


SE Helltaker (species test)

SE Helltaker Nudity


SE Human 2

SE Human 2 LV Patch


SE Humanoid Plus

SE Humanoid Plus LV Patch + Nudity


Seedbed Portraits


Sexy Xenos

Sexy Xenos Countries

Sexy Xenos Cities

Sexy Xenos Traits



Lustful Void Loading Screens

UI Overhaul Dynamic



Start with that, and see how you go.  You can add extra as you figure out what works and what doesn't.


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