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  1. Since the new patch dropped, Pops won't fill the Cow Trainer and Cow Nurse jobs. I've adjusted job weights to see if that was a problem, but they still just sit empty. It's not a mod order problem. I've tested it with only LV and this mod running. Bit of a bummer, because I really enjoyed the cow modifications.
  2. Hey, just something I've noticed: There's a problem with the Cow Trainer and Cow Nurse jobs where when they are constructed for Hive Empires they still have Consumer Goods upkeep instead of extra food and/or minerals. Still loving this mod. Keep up the good work!
  3. Just as a bit of feedback, I love having those as traits. It's "sexier" because you can see it more easily, and see how your pops are being modified. Creating them as a modifier would remove this visual feedback.
  4. Yup, that fixed it. Looks go so far. Thanks!
  5. "Young Maturity" comes from Wild Lascivity. This mod hasn't been updated for quite some time now, however, so use at your own risk. As for a "cheat" trait, LV has a -99 point trait for exactly this purpose.
  6. Headsup, your mod file is invalid. Currently its path is "C:/Users/Poviedky/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod/Ero species" which includes your user account name in an absolute path. This will only work on your specific computer. It should be "mod/Ero species" which creates a relative path that will work for everyone. The mod also crashed immediately upon loading Stellaris, with no other mods in the load order. So there's something much bigger going on here as well.
  7. Fair enough. I keep Brood Parasites disabled because I don't like the gameplay, so I guess that's why I haven't encountered this one.
  8. I doubt very much that LV is the source of these pop ups. I'm running it without issue at the moment. @pisadasf When you get these popups hit the ~ key and type "debugtooltip". This activates the debug tools, and you can then see what event name is creating your infinite popups. Whichever mod that event name is associated with is usually the source the of the problem (although it can still be a combination of mods causing it rather than just one).
  9. The "Regular Version" is the Directors Cut.
  10. Mate, that's a declaration worthy of straight up respect. I can understand that.
  11. You can see the images directly in the mod files. Google reverse image search might work to get the artists.
  12. So I've done something very similar to that in a custom mod I used a little while ago, where I switched Clerks for Streetwalkers. It's... very strong. Probably too strong.
  13. I love the mod's custom factions and portraits, they're fantastic. But as I've been playing with it, I've come to see that removing the trait costs, both in terms of the slots they take up and their values, is the worst possible way to implement this idea. Once you hit the stage where the AI empires have unlocked the ability to modify their species, they just spam every trait that they can add. Some kind of limit on these traits is desperately needed, and until it's present the mod becomes unplayable in the late game due to the sheer number and variety of species that get produced as a result of it.
  14. It does get confusing because once you unlock the tech it adds the "Controlled Tentacled Lifeforms" planetary feature right away, you just don't get the jobs until the blocker is cleared. So the tiles tell you that you should have the jobs, even though the game code hasn't yet allowed them.
  15. If you go into the pop jobs folder (Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\All You Need Is Loving\common\pop_jobs) you will see two files there named "lv_specialist_jobs" and "lv_worker_jobs". These files overwrite the equivalent files from the Lustful Void mod, and each has been modified to add significant penalties to amenities. For example, each Call Girl adds a planetary modifier of -4 amenities. You can delete these files and just use the default version from Lustful Void. Or you create a new folder with any name which isn't used by the Stellaris file structure and just drop these files into it.
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