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Help me with Costume Mods plz

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Hello ?
I just Downloaded a ton of Funnybunnys Costume Mods but none of them are working for me.
I just put them into the /mods Folder but they dont show up ingame.
I'm new to DOA5LR and i have no experience with Mods. Only Beach Paradies, and it works just fine.
My Game is on Version 1.10c and its NOT the Original. Its a cracked Version with all DLC included.

For example: I got 50+ costumes for Nyotengu ingame (I assume all DLC) but after downloading and putting the Files into the /mods folder, the Number is still the same. Even though I downloaded like 20+ new Costumes for her.

How do I use/install these Costumes ? What am I doing wrong ?
I would REALLY appreciate it if somebody can help me !
Thx in advance ❤️

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1 hour ago, peresabcod said:

mods don't go into the mods folder, but into the Autolink one. If you don't know what is Autolink, google for a guide on how to install and use it (I think that there are several posts about it in loverslab)


I got Autolink through Beach Paradies.
That was EXACTLY the help/information I was looking for !
Now it works, THX alot buddy ❤️

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