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Selling Photos not working??

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For some reason ingame none of the photos i take of sims having sex while peeping or even not peeping for that matter can be sold on the pc.... i tried taking out CC, and other mods, i tried updating my game and other stuff... at this point im guessing its just an issue with the mod itself as ive heard others have had this issue


I used to just do a workaround of selling the photos physically but it doesnt have the Mod aspects to it that i was hoping for, and they dont sell for much at all lol

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To sell the peeping photos you need to wait for a notification to pop-up stating that your Sim has taken the photo.

You don't need to take the photo and if you do, you don't sell the physical photo in your inventory.

Game just remembers that your Sim took that photo and you can then sell it on the computer.

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