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Crashing - Fellglow Keep related (FIXED)

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Hey guys, 


so without no apparent reason my game started crashing at Fellglow Keep. I was doing the Hitting the Books quest for the college, went to the keep, cleared it, reached the main chamber, convinved the Caller to give me the books and was on my merry way. Before I reached the exit I made a full save as I wanted to end my session there. The problem started occuring after I loaded my save next time - whenever I tried exiting the keep or making a quicksave the game crashed. Tried loading earlier saves still in the keep but the issue remained.


I googled a bit and learned about the Fellglow Keep bug:




I tried the proposed solution and coc'ed myself back to Winterhold via the console successfully. However, when I tried entering the college and the loading screen appeared, I got a ctd just like in the keep. This got me thinking that maybe the issue lays elsewhere.


Has anyone encountered similar problems? 


Thanks in advance 


FIX: heart of the problem was the Fellglow Keep bug indeed - solution provided under the link above works. Deleting old autosave files helped with CTD when entering other spaces.


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Disclaimer: I am a moron and am basically just guessing here.

From what I can see, I think the problem might lie in Immersive Wenches. I know there's a lot of patches for that one, so double-check your conflicts and make sure you have the relevant patches. Specifically, from the way it's crashing, I think it might be a follower catching back up to you, if that gives you any ideas.

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The UESP solution was correct and my CTD on entering the college was unrelated to any mods. I'm guessing my autosaves were damaged/ corrupted so the system trying to overwrite them when entering a new space casued crashing - deleting the autosave files from the saves folder fixed the issue.

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