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[Request] Hairy Armpits Mod


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I know someone here was working on a pubic hair mod a while back, but upon checking it out it seems to be abandoned. I have a female armpit hair kink and navel hair/butt hair would also be nice, (Sorry if I'm asking for too much)


I thought of the following:


A toggle option for multiple boxes or in the decisions menu:

 * Growth (enables growth of armpit hair)

 * Shave (removes armpit hair)

 * Maintain (keeps armpit hair as-is)


Armpit hair would be a four stage thing with:

1: clean

2: stubble

3: few strands

4: many strands (realistic maximum for a human)

5: very extreme amount of armpit hair, can be seen sticking out when arms are against body and become a jungle of pit hair when arms are stretched out (length sliders perhaps)




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