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fuckable assaultrons?

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1 hour ago, N00B3112 said:

I just wanted to ask if there's a mod that allows you to have sex with assaultrons using aaf.

Well, as far as i know, there are no sexy-time animations for a real Assaultron, so the best you can get is probably the Servitron mod, which allows you to build a robot that looks like an Assaultron, but was ported to human skeleton, so it works with human animations in AAF.
Downside is that it moves and behaves like a human, which is a bit disapointing, because it looses a lot of its "robotic charm".

If you want to give it a try, make sure you take your time reading ALL of the mod description page, and follow the installation instructions to the letter.
This thing is finicky and every detail matters - do not think "oh, but i already installed hundreds of mods, i can wing it", because you can't wing it, nobody can, not this one.
And as to how to make it work with AAF - best to look for some guide here (if there is any - maybe it is mentioned in one of the AAF installation guides?), or ask in the AAF discord for help.

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