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10 hours ago, NeunLeben said:

Really? No one replied to RJL-NEWSIE? Cuz I wanna know too.

i was waiting before suggesting anything but it would be nice to see some of these idea's implemented but is not required they may also work on pathfinder:ww

  • nsfw encounters
  • obligatory nude mod (not character Portraits)
  • nsfw Portraits
  • nsfw traps (this makes me think of a hole in a wall that leads onto another room but the character can get stuck in the wall or a gas trap that makes the characters super horny)
  • nsfw intractables
  • some sort of combat mod for nsfw combat (think defeat mod or even play a a sudo succubus ) (this is the one that makes me think of the bard seducing a dragon meme)

hope this gives some smart LL modder some idea's hell we may even get a dedicated crpg/rougelike section if they do

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On 7/4/2021 at 3:16 PM, RJL-NEWSIE said:

Well what type of mod would you want?  What could we really do?


Better nudes for game world...


Armor that matches portraits (kinky type)


Enemies that aren't censored or created wearing panties and bra (Nymph, Dryad, female enemies ect)


Maybe give options for the Semi-Evil/Good choices for female PC's (Several Bandits want sex to leave... Worg offers trade with your PC getting preg with his spawn that type of thing)

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