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  1. Take your time boss... Anybody working on mods has my utmost respect...
  2. just gunna note that the AE update (that doesn't require AE to be bought) broke SexLabUtil.dll (which means Sexlab won't work) The SKSE programmers put out a quick patch that depends on the mod authors to fix the DLL's that are not working... Fixing the SexLabUtil.dll will for now allow SexLab to work (presumably) Yes we can downgrade but that is a temporary solution for those of us that have many games on STEAM and intend to keep playing them. Edit: and before you tell me that I didn't read the posts or anything like that.... I've been away from Skyrim for 18 months (I don't keep every game I own on my computer 24/7)
  3. Thank you! I will leave this for anyone else looking for something like it!
  4. OK I have the mods for both Far Cry 5 (where you can play a female Deputy) and New Dawn (where you can play as a female Captain) both mods are very nice (skin is welcome) but in FC5 and FCND they default to the base engines nude... not Barbie doll but barely there nipples, the lower area seems to be well set. So the question is can anyone fix the current nude mods or create better ones? If someone needs to download the mods here are the links Far Cry 5: https://www.nexusmods.com/farcry5/mods/111 Far Cry New Dawn: https://www.nexusmods.com/farcrynewdawn/mods/42 All credit goes to RealArmanIII who is the creator, who has said you must get permission to edit his files.... so since his permissions say that all assets that he created the mod with are publicly available we'll need to start from the beginning. Use the above mods for reference only.
  5. When I'm playing a game (even a male character) like Just Cause 3, it makes absolutely no sense that a Mediterranean Island would have no girls in skimpy or topless clothing.... the few girls that spawn in swimsuits wear sports bras and bottoms that look like sports wear... I'm asking for a bikini/topless/nude mod that changes female NPC's (wouldn't complain if someone made Rico a girl like some of the Just Cause 2 mods). I thank anyone that can help with this, but if it's not possible then it's not possible.
  6. Been poking around and found another nude/mostly nude skin that apparently works all the way through, https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/16004-newnudskins-tomb-raider-2013-sexy-lara-resorep-dx11/ Take a look might be fun I just downloaded it we'll see if it works.
  7. As noted in the top Post the eyeless beta texture was created by @zov and all credit goes to him. When the final version is posted here I will add it to the original post with credit to the creator. Thank you @Mick TB.
  8. I also linked it to the main post. If we ever get a full version I will replace the download with the newest version.
  9. Thanx for your work - I look forward to any improvements you can manage!😁 I renamed the thread since we have a semi-working version and moved the current version to the top of the topic!
  10. Looks very good! Thank you for your work gdeathlegion! I look forward to any progress, and will not be disappointed if the answer turns out to be 'Sorry couldn't get it to work right'. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
  11. Your best bet is to unpak the pak and look at the mesh structure. I don't have the tools or I would have extracted the relevant files myself.
  12. Thank you for the link! I will hold out hope for the adjustment to the pak I posted here, however I thank anybody that mods!😁
  13. No the Darth Talon mod pak I posted here is a female red Twilek. She's wearing a loincloth and bra, I would like to remove her bra. Not interested in males just nude or topless females.
  14. As far as I know no. The only two female mods I know of turn Cal into Second Sister or Darth Talon.
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