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Guest GooberOfLies

Just finished a nude version of SOR2 Blaze for Streets of Rage 4. Credit to Herick Fernandes for creating the original sprites. I just made them usable for SOR4. I also kept her shoes on, as well as made her breasts a bit bigger. Only a couple of the sprites were a bit of trouble, seeing as I had to make her air kick about half from scratch. It surprised me when I noticed that the sprite was almost completely different from the original, aside from her face and hair. Worked out, though.


If you don't know how to use SOR4Explorer.exe, here's a quick guide:


-Download both items below

-Run SOR4Explorer.exe

-Find your main ".exe" file for Streets Of Rage 4, and drag it into the SOR4Explorer.exe window

-You'll see a screen full of various folders

-Go to "animatedsprites/sor2/playables/sprsor2blaze

-See the images? Good

-Go to your newly downloaded SOR2Blaze.zip folder

-Unzip it

-Highlight all the images in that folder and copy them to the SOR4Explorer.exe window, placing them over the images already in there

-Look above, near the top right corner of the window, and you'll see a button that says "Apply"

-Click that button

-Launch the game!


Don't worry, everything is restorable. There's an option in one of the drop down menus to restore all the original files.




Also, there are a many other SOR4 mods to try out on this thread: 





SOR2Blaze.zip SORExplorer.exe

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