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Well, that looks not too bad. I would have suggested the following instead...


CPU: Intel i5 3570K - better opposition and you'll probably won't mind having to wait a few seconds for Excel to finish that large spreadsheet, right?


Motherboard: Asrock Z77-PRO4-M - MSI boards tends to be rather flaky in regards to energy efficiency plus there have been reports that some of their high-end boards tend to...fail badly. I would prefer Asus but Asrock would do just as well. Plus, they're used to be the subsidiary of Asus.


RAM: 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1866MHz RAM. Doesn't matter what brand but go for some of the memory makers that actually are reputable like G.Skil and others. 1600 would be too much of a bottleneck for the CPU. 


Graphics: Definitely go for either the new Radeon HD 7790 OR the Radeon HD 7870 depending on your monitor. Anything up to 21" would be best for the 7790, up to 24" will be better matched to the 7870.


HDD: Definitely go with a SSD + HDD combo for the same price. The difference between HDD and SSD is quite large. Having gone SSD for my desktop, I can't go back on the HDD. I'd suggest the Sandisk Extreme 120GB SSD and as well as the Western Digital Cavier Black 1TB HDD. I have the Velociraptor you mentioned. It's great but I do think it'll be better to go more value-ish.

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Stay away from MSI I have had nothing but trouble with them. I bought a video card a long time ago and it died. I bought a motherboard for my most recent build and it was nice but it died within about 6 months (power cycle, which was a common issue apparently), they did replace it under warranty and it hasn't died since and I hope that was just a fluke but I'm not holding my breath. Another thing is it has little quirks that make it annoying, like plugging keyboard / mouse into certain USB ports completely stops Windows from starting until you change ports (this happened with the motherboard that died and the new one I got, so it's definitely the hardware and not a mistake on my end) or the BIOS doesn't display your hard drives correctly, even though Windows identifies them fine. Little shit like that is just unacceptable.

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@Sora3 I would not suggest anyone to buy a K version of intel processors unless they want to overclock because that is the only difference, between a K processor and a regular processor and you dont really need to overclock, by the time you would it would be better to just change the damn thing for a more powerful one. As for memory going from 1600 to 1866 will make a gain that you wont be able to notice, only high end memory modules (2xxx+) are making a noticeable difference but thats not worth the price asked for it IMHO.


@Jerbsinator I had similar USB problems (kinda) with every motherboard brand but usually MSI makes robust motherboards, I personally like Gigabyte better but since they all come with a 3 years warranty the only thing that matters is how the after sales service is working and how fast they will replace the defunct part.


@varenne A velociraptor is indeed usless nowadays, while I agree that beforew SSD this was a very valid option, it is not at all anymore as it will make more noise, use more energy and will be a whole lot slower than any SSD, it is indeed better to take a caviar green for storage as they go cheap and a 128gb SSD for system and games (or a 240gb if you can afford it)

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