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MMO for Adults only

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Hi all,

I am a lady who is interested in multi player role playing games for adult only. Sorry for my english. I am french but I could not find such forum in french to ask my question.


I have some specific roles I would like to play but I dont want to offend anybody in going into explicit explanation here.


So I would like to know if there is a place where I can freely have this discussion, specially making sure I am not exposing kids or others to unsollicited adult content.


Thanks in advance for your feedback



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I'd also suggest looking at Second Life as your best bet in that it has groups and areas that cater to pretty much any sort of fetish you can think of.  I will warn you, however, that all of the adult stuff you can do in SL is made and supported by players and therefore costs real money - none of it is included with the free download.


Along similar lines, there are also Red Light Center and 3DXChat, but I don't recommend either of them.  Neither has anywhere close to the number of players that SL has, and they both typically lack dedicated, active zones for adult roleplay.  They're more like hookup apps for your avatar, where you chat with people, and if you click with someone(s), you go off with them somewhere private and do whatever you're into, but you don't really roleplay.  Additionally, 3DXChat in particular has (or had; it's been years since I've been there so it could have improved...or gotten worse) a fairly toxic community with virtually no moderators.

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