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Nipple Penetration for Sims 4

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Hey guys I recently came across a mod on the loverslab for the sims 4

Which I think is a funny and great mod it brings alot of fetishes such as boob penis etc. It has puffed nipple boobs too which got me thinking that there is a possibility that nipple penetration can actually come into sims 4. I would have done it but I am not an animator so I cannot make such animations but if you know of a mod that has nipple fuck animations do let me know or maybe you can create one. Also I understand everyone has different or no fetishes at all so if you are disgusted by this post I am sorry in advance buddy. I myself am also trying to learn how to make animations so if I can figure it out I might make it myself but help will be appreciated 

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yes yes yes yes yes


I'd make the animations myself, but like you, I'm not an animator. I'd love to learn, especially during this lockdown, but it all gets so confusing


Would love for an MMF threesome like this - could even go as far as an MMMMMF (vaginal, anal, oral, and two nipple fucks)


Could also go with an FF where one has those penis nipple and the other has the other nipples. So many ideas

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Not totally barge onto this topic why Breast and nipple blender learning -> not sure if that applies but here question for anyone trying learn how make it possible.


If a.i. sim is female she is pregnant or not pregnant does she have milk? or drug induced means to have milk? there hasn't been way in WW to see that possible. To me that would be interesting to see if we could do that to our sims, we could accidentally or make them either by no will of their own autonomy self suicide. But

if there was way to see sim itself have nipple sex, boob milk and we know tit fuck is possible but is double tit fuck possible?  2 cocks to  nipple fuck is possible.


Gives some people after lock-down hope anything in sexy world is insanely possible but currently right now is not.


Problem to see sim with boobs and then see no milk sad premise total denial? I looking at barbie realization it never WILL happen?  I think senior and junior members were trying make it possible but I am not skilled on blender.  But if someone skilled in blender and knows to understand some tutorials maybe its possible?


It think shower in cum or encumbered in cum would been something to look at, or have new temporary trait would been full of cum.

No one thinking of it, Why is woman or guy covered in cum, not build up or have flavor?

If notice your sims they drink and eat they never have flavors added to their cum or orgasm mixture its huge question mark.

If your sim uses coffee maker lot think about it his cum must taste like coffee thus be like coffee what if female sim doesn't like coffee? that could be something huge for her hate certain flavor?


New traits should be addressed:


temporary traits: lover of fluids, Hate cum, or bodily fluids, Dislike of bodily fluids flavor, (time and so forth)

Permanent trait would been nice if WW aka turbo committee were able to make that possible:

Clean savvy: always have wipe on him or her or they(for futa sims)

Dirty: possible cleans when feels like it, likes smell of dirt but only cleans when necessary, very frugal

cum eater: self explanatory

Allergic to cum: self explanatory/ dies from being orgasm fluids on, in and just touching it.





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