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Sliders and Body Mods

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So been messing around to get the best combination of Sliders and Mods for models and yes I have tried a bunch.  The one thing I noticed is how much impact some sliders and body mods have on WW animations.  Basically some make animations really choppy and non fluid. That said I found the best combination of sliders and body mods with minimal effect on WW are the following I have found are:


Body Defaults:

Eve v7 Body (Natural) - I defaulted all my female models to this.  While a lot of the body mods are great this seemed to offer the best experience


Foot Defaults:

Magic Bot Feet 5V - There are a ton of options out there but this seems to be the most realistic in my opinion



LUUMIA Hip Shape Slider

VIbrantPixels BellyandHip, CalfSlider, HipDip, BreastPosition, and ThighSlider

WhibbyGaylord PeachyThicc VERSION2


I do have much more sliders than the above but the one thing I struggled with is finding the best combination.  I tried the old B.C. Butt Sliders, CMAR Sliders, Pixel Butt sliders, Helio, etc...and these seems to be the ones that basically I felt where the best for me.  I did screen shot all my current sliders in case you are wondering.


Curious on what combination others are using though..






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