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Zombie Mistress

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At the start of a new game my girl was on her way to Diamond City for the first time ,when she was attacked and overpowered by a group of ghouls by Beantown Brewery leading the ghouls was a zombie mistress ,see the screen shots i have never seen a zombie mistress before it made a nice change seeing a different character ,can any one tell me which mod she is from.




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You can check it yourself by doing the following:
Open up the console and leftclick on her, once you see her ID/name in the middle of the screen, then at the bottom right, it should display the mod origin as a "<ESP name>.esp"

But i am not sure anymore if vanilla console can do that, and i might be wrong that it is a vanilla feature, well, either way, my recommendation, if you dont have it yet, a SKSE plugin: Better Console

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