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  1. The only thing i am disapionted in Cyberpunk 2077 is i cant run around in 3rd person.
  2. Hi Tentacus is you are looking for ideas how about having having a super mutant enslaving and trading in women in different mutant camps for breading more mutants, and entertainment just a thought.
  3. Isabella Training two of her slaves in the art of breeding.
  4. Here is my girl checking on some of her slaves at her new Summerville Dungeon.
  5. Great MEP SE looking forward to this Zaira, 😄
  6. Hi Shiori I was having the same problem as you, because I use windows 10 it wont automatically dump the cache if you search youtube for the mp4 video "100% FIX PUBG AND OTHER GAME STUTTERS AND FR.mp4" it will show you step by step how to set up win 10 to automatically dump the memory cache , I have set mine to dump the cache every 5 min and I no longer have any problems , hope this helps you.
  7. Hi VonHelton that seems to have fixed the animation, but I seem to have lost my dog dicks,
  8. Hi Indarello , I see the race data are XML files which program do you use to open them.
  9. Thank you VonHelton I shall try this I shall let you know how I get on.
  10. Hi VonHelton , I still have the same problem ,what I shall do over the next few days is remove all the sex animation packs that I have installed, and just install one pack at a time , I may do it on a new game so I have a clean game save, do you use one pack to bang them all.
  11. hi VonHelton, I am using AAF 110, I shall swap back to AAF 108 and see what happens,thank you.
  12. I have a problem with creature animations, every 15 seconds or so my character will stand up then get back down again it dose not mater if its with dogs molerats or super mutants even staged animation are the same, funny thing is I have just reinstalled everything and still have the same problem , all the human animations packs that I have installed all work perfectly fine , I am using AFF, and mod organizer2 . Any help or advice appreciated . Note to Moderators if this post is in the wrong section please move to right place.
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