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Atomic Beauty Jiggle Physics help

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After not getting CBP to work properly, I settled on the normal cloth physics. Problem is that everytime I do so the breasts will glitch and deform. I used both Breast Jiggle Physics CHCBBEP and Atomic Beauty Physics Base Body (not inconjunction, seperately), and tried applying them to the normal outfits provided by Atomic Beauty's conversion bodyslides. The ass works for some reason, but every variation I try with applying it to breasts it won't work correctly.


I'm only applying weights from the base physics models like all the other tutorials say, and it worked before but now it's not. Can anyone help me on this? I'm using no other mods required, except for Athletic Muscular Atomic Beauty Present, which shouldn't affect anything.

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I wouldnt bother with the old physics format.

I actually added all of the CBP bones for the Armors and Outfits in the Vanilla game and also HN66 easy girl outfits.

Took about 2 afternoons to do this.

I wrote letters out to the authors asking for permission to upload to Nexus but that stuff can take time, only just wrote them this afternoon and in my experience could be up to about 2 months for a response.


So here is what I did.

I forget exactly which mod it was that I took the weight paints off of but it was probably a VTAW AB CBP outfit that contained the AB BODY.

The bones needed for copy are Belly, RBreast, RBUTT, LBreast, and LButt.


What I did was copy those bones over to the actual naked Atomic Beauty body in the original mod, the actual reference file can be found over in the SliderSets folder.

Load the AB body .OSP file in Outfit Studio.

Then I loaded up an AB body that contained the weights I wanted....

Just select the 5 bones and bone weight copy the selected weights.  

Remove unneeded objects before saving the original body reference.


From there its just doing the following in most cases.


You load up your armor, say Vaultsuit111

Now you load up your Reference Mesh, remember its an OSP so you have to Browse over to the Slider Sets and find it, its not the same as CBBE or UUNP was for skyrim, never made official like.

So then you just select the weights you want and copy only those 5 bones over.

Then go to "Save AS"

You dont want to keep the Reference Mesh in the save.


Now there WILL BE often a reference mesh in the file already, its simple to get around that problem.  Example File would be the SexyVaultSuit111.

This file contains a body inside it and we dont want to lose it by loading a reference mesh.  So we right click the mesh and select "set reference" if it was already a green reference it will be unmarked and now we can load an Atomic Body reference without removing the implanted body.

Some things you will want to check for when doing this is to be sure that any ZAP's are not lost for the original implanted reference mesh, cause these guys do that all the time.  Now if you do it right, you wont lose the ZAPS.  So take your time.


The Vanilla Armors are by far the easiest ones to actually practice on for this process before moving on to say bodyslides done by other authors cause those guys make me cringe hard when I see some of the stuff they have done.  So practice up with the main download before moving on cause some of the bodyslides need some thinking before you have something usable in game.


Overall the end result will be much smoother physics using CBP and things will look better and be swappable across every slider set you adjust in the long run without clipping.


With Vanilla stuff, there is no real hurry either to get every single item done since most like 70% of the outfits your not actually going to use on the player or a companion.

Likely just Vault Suit, maybe half of the actual underarmors in the whole game maybe.

There are a ton of suits, villiger clothes, clothes from the past and so on that you will only ever see one time on an NPC an then never see them again.

My point being you could get all the stuff your going to see very frequently done withen about 2 or 3 hours of work, once you figure out the process.

You only need a few underarmor and then only Chest Pieces that go over the chest.


For more difficult stuff that comes later well, pruning out weights you dont need comes into play a ton.  Like there are so many weights you wont need for CBP and if you leave stuff in that the other authors left in the outfit will look aweful during play.  Not talking about the Vanilla stuff, talking about the wacked physics and other stuff I end up seeing in a lot of the conversions.

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