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Beyond Heresy Overhaul

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A rework, expansion and adaptation of Luxuria Fantasia - Beyond Heresy by @Aliris as a HIP submod.




Arwa Reborn mod - a version of Sultana Arwa al-Sulayhi tweaked to be the Mahdi of Khadimite Islam;


Demonic Bloodline - the bloodline unlockable at level 4 of Luxuria Fantasia's Society of Seduction now works very much like an infernal mirror to the Carolingian one and it's active for all demons, half-demons and fallen angels who worship Lilith;


Mending of the Great Schism - Lilithu and Reversionist emperors can now mend the Great Schism;


Hajj and Ramadan - Khadimite rulers on Hajj experience a slightly different chain of events, as they no longer risk losing either Greedy or Deceitful, have the chance of gaining Hedonist by losing either Gluttonous, Drunkard or Temperate and can be accompanied on the journey by one of their adult daughters. They also can't Observe Ramadan;


Piety Economy - character modifiers turn Piety gain and loss through traits upside down for Lilithanists;


Religion and Theology Events - Khadimism is now a Shiite heresy, a better fit since its unlocking event pretty much accuses Abu Bakr of sacrilege, with Samarra as a unique holy site. Also, both Lilitu and Reversionist characters in religious seclusion can lose Chaste or gain Lustful and half-demons can perform the Blood Moon Ritual;


Wonders - demons, fallen angels and tentacle-kin can build pyramids from scratch and restore the Giza complex without any other requirement, aside from the coin to do so;


Necronomicon - turns into a very beneficial item, if the owner is either a demon, a fallen angel or a tentacle-kin;


Lilith - blesses the provinces where she's worshiped with a +50% resistance to disease, an in-game way of saying she's not exercising the plague-bearing portion of her portfolio on them, and can receive vows from expecting mothers of one of the appropriate Faiths.

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    CK2 3.3.0 HIP-Frosty3 SWMH Dark World Reborn Luxuria Fantasia LF Beyond Heresy


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2 hours ago, penzor said:

The 'Luxuria Fantasia' folder should be 'LuxuriaFantasia' with no space, otherwise it overwrites nothing.

Sorry, I put the space in because it was there by default up to the last Luxuria Fantasia update, or at least until very recently.

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  • 2 months later...

I see you have overides for 3 different things.

Dark World Reborn

Luxuria Fantasia

Historical Immersion Project

I take it the LFBH_HIP is your own folder?


Are all those a requirement for this to work?

And you already stated we need aliri's LuxuriaFantasia - Beyond Heresy.


I am asking because I often don't use Dark World Reborn .

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  • 1 month later...

I was wondering if I'm missing something obvious and someone could help me get this mod working. I have this mod along with HIP, Luxuria Fantasia and LF-beyond heresy installed and enabled but whenever I enable this mod I get a Debug blank event about 20 days after the game start that stops the game. Its labelled DWBH event 101 which from my scanning though the files seems to be the second event for discovering the Lilith heresy "discovering the lost cathedral" but their shouldn't be anything to make it fire yet. Any ideas on what I've done wrong?

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To be honest, I lifted those events from the original mod mostly as they were and none gave me any trouble. However, I see you didn't mention Dark World Reborn in your load order, so maybe it's absence is your problem, since the new version of my mod is considerably more intertwined with it than its predecessor, which only borrowed one of DWR's scripted triggers.

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I've since tried the setup with Dark world reborn, Luxuria Fantasia, LF-beyond heresy. HIP and this mod and tried to load it without Luxuria and with dark world in its place with the same issue. Could it be something with dependencies I've missed or using the wrong version of CK2? I'm running on the most recent version with the most recent version of HIP.

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Very strange. I never had any problems playing with my own mod, after I finally discovered its .mod file was looking for it in the wrong folder. Did you set the load order like this: HIP -> DWR -> LF -> LF submods? I'm asking because not having DWR sandwiched between HIP and LF was causing graphical issues, as in the event window getting messed up using ARKOpack, well before I came up with this mod, so it might be the same problem worsened by the extra mod thrown on top.


And I'm using version 3.3.0 of CK2.

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I set my version back to 3.3.0 and I've set up the dependencies correctly (Which is how I think you set the load order) as far as I'm aware but I'm still having that event problem. Its blank as kkc24c describes and prevents you from playing the game. Is their some way I could help? I'm not a coder but I could screen shot things if it would help you figure out the problem?

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So I saw what you meant about the graphical problems with the incorrect load order before but its since been fine as the picture shows the event window fits the UI changes of HIP and the traits and societies also seem to be correct its just this one window that pops up. I just started the game as the duke of Sardinia on the earliest start date and let it run with the child of Lilith dark world campaign enabled. Even if you can't fix it thank you for taking the time to try and getting back about it as you have been.


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6 minutes ago, DragonTears267 said:

let it run with the child of Lilith dark world campaign enabled.

Before I look for anything else, I've got none of the DWR campaigns enabled in the game rules and the latest version of LF requires to click on Other Mods Options to activate the DWR content, with or without trait replacement on.

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I manged to fix it I'm sorry for all the bother. Everything you pointed out were things I had gotten wrong and the final issue is I'd missed a \ in my dependencies. I'm grateful for all the help and I'm hoping this little foolish episode of mine will help others with a checklist of all the little things they might have gotten wrong during installation.

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9 minutes ago, DragonTears267 said:

I didn't have other LF submods on while doing this but when I bring them all back should they have the same dependency chain as LF-Beyond heresy?

Yes, just to avoid that graphical glitch. It doesn't do anything else, but it looks really bad.

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