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Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch?

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Hi everyone,


so I finally got most of my favourite mods running. FNIS, SL, SoS, Aroused Creatures, Defeat, Mass Match Maker, MNC etc.


Its was a lot of work (and I do seem to have broken some skeletons(?) of some creatues, now showing t-poses in the game - any obisouly also not playing any animations, not even the default ones ... , if anyone knows how to help, please have a look here: )  Anyway, it MOSTLY works, and I don´t want to ruin it.


BUT I did find some more interesting mods on Vortex but some require the "Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch" ... the other mods from LoversLab so far didn´t.

Now I am quite hesitant to install that patch ...

Will this create incompatibilities with any of the other mods?

Do you guys have any experience with this, how tricky is this, what about the load order, if anything goes wrong how can I recover the previous state/deinstall it?


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