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Always Always Accept broken after 153a update?

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Game up to date with 1.61. WW public 153a version. Both Always Accept switches on.


The sims: Player-controlled teen. Two YA NPC nannies.


Started by choosing one of the nannies for oraljob. Session starts. Clicked on player sim and Ask to Join In. Selected other NPC nanny. She refused. Chose another NPC. That one refused. Chose a household member. They joined.


Tried starting another session with an NPC who previously refused. This time they did not refuse. But the NPC from the first session did.


Another case. Two household members ask an NPC to be a third. That one joins. Asking another NPC to be a fourth at this point fails.


Rolled back to WW 150d. All the above scenarios work as intended. NPCs join in without refusing.

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What I learned from trying an old save. Don't mess with gender preferences. It causes problems. I don't know if putting them back to default will fix things, but I do know 100 points in both male and female causes issues with inviting NPCs to join.

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