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Bodyslide Male outfit to UUNP body - Solved

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I've tried to convert a male only outfit to female body, with limited success.


This is the preview in Bodyslide




But in game there are bits of the mesh missing.





The same part is missing from the fron too, also from the Pants under the Jacket.

When I first did it I copied all bone weights over and this had even more the mesh missing. Like the entire back as well.

This time I did only selecting the weights highlighted green, then tried that again but this time with selecting all the bones except Calf.

I'm following Blabba's guide as that appears to be the most recent, successfully up until now (if you ignore my utter failure to transfer cloth physics over) but this the first Male to Female conversion I have tried so wondered if anyone could tell me what I did wrong before I start from scratch and limit the bone weights I copy over (as I can only guess this is the issue)


EDIT: Remade but just copying belly, breasts, butt and thighs. All working ok.


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