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Help with Pokemon trading somewhere?

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Anyone know any communities online that allow mythical & shiny trading for legendaries & UBs? The 1st couple subreddits I found are mad extra, either banning them outright or only allowing one of these kinds of trades after you've proven to do something like "10 verified" trades or some annoying bs like that. I get its for scammers but its still annoying.


I'm just trying to complete my living dex for the special Home Magearna before I make the move to gen 8 and I need the following:







Shiny Blacephalon

Shiny Kartana

Shiny Dialga


I have multiple mythicals to trade in return for the ones l need. As for Blacephalon, I have a shiny Stakataka I can trade for a shiny Blacephalon & I'm workin on shiny Pheromosa for Buzzwole, shiny Kartana for Celesteela, and shiny Palkia for Dialga if anyone has them too.


If any of yall know a less strict but still reliable trading community somewhere or if YOU are interested in trading these mons with me, you can DM me or post below. However, the mons HAVE to be legit. Won't risk a ban on Home or have them not getting through Pokemon Bank's checks cuz they're hacked or some bs like that.

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