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Greetings from Uncanny Valley

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Been messing around with Open Shot since i'm on batshit fever time. I am creating this thread to post horrible things from my horrible little world. Thx to all the animators,

modders and cc creators.

My skills are pretty rusty and vid has no sound but baby steps right?


Devil Dolls at Gateway doing what they do best.

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To celebrate the grand opening of Gateway, Pazuzu Lord of Rage gave his wife, Woe Hoe and Queen of Filth Macy Herndon a doppleganger familiar called Mini Macy who represents all the worst things about Macy. Queen Macy has her way with Mini in the cage, but once Macy leaves Mini unattended, Mort moves in for the defilement.

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A new outlet for Hell has opened at the Bluffs. To celebrate, Pazuzu and Macy set a toilet on fire with the power of their fucking.


At Gateway, White Thrall worships Lorgo Pestis, and Mort gets sloppy seconds before abandoning White at the post.


The ghost of Father Jim Suggs moves in for sloppy thirds only to be outwitted by White.


A thunderstorm at Gateway.

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Pitch Doll got pregnant with a Clown Cherub at an orgy over at the Zuggarat of Lorgo. Pitch runs back home for a quick wash, this demonic STD is gonna pop soon. To mark the occasion Pazuzu and Macy are coming over to check on the "baby" and see if they can dislodge it. After enjoying the attentions of the most prestigious in the ranks of the underworld, Pitch retires to a soothing oil pit and the base of the Gateway.


Powder Doll, jealous of Pazuzu's interest toward Pitch, beats the Clown Cherub out of Pitch's belly. The Clown Cherub falls to the floor a pile of wet greasy rags... and there was much rejoicing. Fear not you squares, for the Clown Cherub survived. Pitch has taken a liking to it and named it Angel Food. There they are on the swings!!

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Agatha Thart was my first sim from 2017 but she didn't look like this then. Raised by God's own fool Gerald Thart and her evil stepmother the wretched Greta Thart. Agatha grew up with her sisters Ludmilla and Perva in a house bulging with evil. As Agatha came of age she was offered to the demon Pazuzu Herndon. This ritual went poorly, the pact was broken, Greta was disgraced and Agatha fled Willow Creek for vampire territory begging any an all to turn her. Who was her vampire mother? Burned away long ago.


At her core Agatha is cold and evil, she feel little for others but her sisters. She speaks to unseen forces constantly, but does not exhibit any real range of emotion other than enjoying the suffering of others. While she is cold and diconnected, she is also ruthless. In addition to turning her sisters and friends, Agatha is an avid collector of blood bags (sims abducted, spelled and bled for their unique qualities.) 


Agatha Thart is the sole proprietor of Agatha Coven Blood Farms, the nightclub Club Blud and the strip club The Sip and Slip. Agatha is also a crime boss who never shows up to work.


Did i mention she is a sloppy drinker and obsessed with her bunny slippers? She is also covered in filth and the grave, mouth and fingers caked with old blood and being in such a state is a primary turn on for her. No one suggests to Agatha that she might want to clean up because they just know better.



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Ludmilla Thart was Gerald's middle child, who along with Agatha and Perva grew up in the hellhouse that Greta and Pazuzu created. Ludmilla and Perva were turned shortly after Agatha fled Pazuzu. The new vampires retreated to Agatha and Claudettes home in Forgotten Hollow, only to return on occasion to feed on the sweet exotic blood of the demon lord Pazuzu, their stepmother, and the lesser demons that now inhabited their childhood home. 


Ludmilla took a career as a secret agent, but has never pursued any love beyond her incestuous love for her sisters and her fixations on the household bloodbags. All these sisters were conceived as equally and naturally evil but, while Agatha is like a feral leech, Ludmilla and Perva retained some of their humanity.



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Perva Thart is the youngest of these three vampire sisters, a lover of Ludmilla, a hater of Agatha, a top notch artist and a bit of a whore-monger. Perva may bed Ludmilla, or one of the Blood Bags, but she prefers paying for time with the more exotic species available at Pleasure Planet.


Certainly less messy than her sisters, her beautiful alabaster skin nearly glows on a good night, but sometimes grows moss on damper evenings.


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Greta Thart, Former Consort of Pazuzu, Wife of Gerald Thart, Stepmother to the Thart Sisters, vampire, sour old exhibitionist, pervert, failure and total bore.


Greta was the third sim I ever created because, if I was gonna play a family, it was gonna have an evil stepmother. Greta was Gerald's second wife and consequently inherited the girls as well. Greta and Gerald made love only once before she began openly cheating with Dan Lothario. Greta kept no job, did no chores and wore no clothes around the Thart house and insisted that Gerald provide all the care. Gerald, being a good guy, was overly tolerant during this time, only wishing to build a family with his new wife and three strange daughters.


Soon after, Greta encountered her neighbor, the Demon Lord Pazuzu Herndon, and was instantly spelled by It. As she learned of Pazuzu's Evil Plans, she would pass these on to the Thart girls and whomever else would listen. Greta aided Pazuzu in grooming the girls for, when they came of age, they would each be tested, and one would be chosen by Pazuzu to bear the AntiSim.


One dark night, as the sisters began to ripen, Greta let Pazuzu into the house. Gerald was enslaved overnight and the demon proceeded to excavate the Thart basement, and then the sub basement, and the below even that so that the demon honeycombed the earth deep beneath Willow Creek. Greta and Pazuzu delighted in the enslavement and torture of Gerald while they groomed the girls for Evil. Greta's terrible work was rewarded by Pazuzu in terrible charms and carnal sex rituals. It was Greta who, after Geralds untimely death at his own wedding, offered Agatha to Pazuzu to be the Vessel and to bear the fruit of It's rage and despair. Unfortunately, during the ritual, Agatha was found to be barren and Greta was disgraced.


Greta was ordered to find a proper Vessel for the AntiSim or find her position as Consort and head priestess under question. After the death of Gerald and the departure of the Thart sisters, Greta found herself increasingly marginalized, alone in a house slowly filling up with demons. She continued to wear the Horns of Pazuzu, continued to search for the Vessel, continued to wear the Hello Kitty facepaint, but all in vain. She found herself aging ever more rapidly, pissing herself more often, and increasingly being shunned by sims who all found her to be a dull bore. Nothing could kill an orgy like Greta Thart.


Eventually, It was Pazuzu Itself that located the Vessel of the AntiSim, Macy Suggs, and it was then that Greta was fully disgraced in the Court of Pazuzu. An abject failure and of a wretched physical form, she was treated as a sick joke, the only human left amongst the demons. It was then, when Greta was at her lowest, really begging for death, that Agatha returned for revenge.


The three vampire sisters and their thirsty friends  would regularly visit the old Thart house to steal a taste of Pazuzu's blood, or that of the demon thralls in It's service. In all the world of Uncanny Valley, Pazuzu Herndon's blood was the finest quality essence in the world. It was on one of these visits that Agatha spied Greta in a particularly regrettable condition and, after a good feed upon Pazuzu, decided to give the old crone the vampiric curse, freezing Greta for all eternity in her wretched state.


Greta, not realizing what had happened to her, awoke with Pazuzu and began to hunger not long after Agatha departed. Surrounded by the scent of demon permeating the house, Greta eventually lost control of her will and fed freely and uncontrollably on Pazuzu itself. This incident was the ultimate offense against the demon lord and Greta was immediately banished from the Court of Pazuzu forever.


She lives now in the old Straud Mansion with lesser vampires. Greta still wears the trapping of Pazuzu's Consort in the hopes of regaining Its favor, her body is left in a permanent state of rot and cursed by the demon lord and vampire alike. Though her aging was frozen by Agatha years ago, strangely Greta seems to be growing physically taller as she moves through time. No one knows why.



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Gerald Thart, a good man, struggled to raise his three strange little girls after his wife died, Heartbroken and working a dead-end office job, Geralds soul had shriveled inside. His hopes were restored upon meeting Greta. They fast fell in love and, after a celibate courtship,  were soon married. While Gerald thought Greta was the love of his life, Greta was only looking for a couch/tv/fridge combo to supplement her constant need to layabout.


The new family moved to a modest house in Willow Creek and the very first night, after the girls were put to bed, the newlyweds consummated their marriage. It didn't go to well, Gerald too nervous from having saved himself since the beginning of the courtship, fumbled about in the dark apologizing needlessly. Greta just lay there like an angry sack of wet flour. Once the act was finished, Greta was left cold and proceeded to berate Gerald for his poor performance and modest digit. Greta never allowed Gerald, near her again, but this would not stop her from using him.


Greta had a penchant for exhibitionism around the house, around houseguests and even while the kids were home.  Greta loved to talk about the freedom of nudity and how Gerald was such a big prude, maybe he could just loosen up be naked. Gerald was never comfortable with this, but Greta's constant badgering wore poor Gerald down to a point where he would strip down in hope Greta would stop her relentless abuse.


Gerald was a patient man, desperate to make his new marriage work, but the more he compromised and capitulated, the more ground he lost. Gerald began to suspect Greta was cheating on him. He didn't have to wait long for confirmation when he walked into their bedroom to find Greta fucking sleazy Dan Lothario in the same bed they had consummated their marriage in. Greta had planned it all just to troll him. She had become a sort of evil barnacle attached to his house and family. While Gretas demeanor became darker over time, she continued cheating with nearly everyone she could, often in the presence of Gerald and the kids.


When Gerald had finally had enough, he demanded Greta move out. It was only now Gerald realized he had no authority in his own home. Greta dressed him down and countered that she was not moving out, but in fact moving someone new in.  Greta's sex guru and boyfriend Pazuzu Herndon had visited before..


Continuing Geralds story arc soon....3 months later...


Fuck. I dont want to tell his story anymore. He got enslaved by Paz and Greta, but was allowed to find another love, a woman in the neighborhood. Gerald planned to remarry and Pazuzu intended to kill Gerald (Extreme Violence) at his moment of greatest joy, But Gerald so tired from being enslaved in his own house, drowned in the pool on his way to the wedding. Was gonna kill him, but he died about 20 tiles from the spot he thought he could live. The bride escaped but eventually they got her too. She feeds the ether now.


After having built his tower, Pazuzu keeps Geralds ghost around to tend the old Thart house. Alone. Forever. And he has to come to Court meetings. Cursed.



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