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  1. Nothing. It doesn't even play the equipping sound. Doesn't throw an error either. It's as if it ignores the equip completely. Other helmets work pretty reliably. I kinda suspect it might be that the helmet is flagged as "hair" and that conflicts with custom hair mods?
  2. For some reason I cannot equip the helmet. I don't get an error message and it doesn't matter whether I try the regular or the gold version. I simply can't equip the helmets. I did a limited check with TES5 and didn't find anything out of the order. Did I miss any requirements or can anybody confirm this?
  3. Latex as a material is pretty dull. It becomes shiny by being treated with oils, lube, or water.
  4. Now I kinda want this to be an AddOn to Legacy of the Dragonborn.
  5. Just your average village demon causing trouble and mayhem while browsing produce on the market. We all know the struggle, we've all been there. "We don't sell to your kind, stay away from my childe, what do you mean 'cauliflower tastes great with blood'..." The usual.
  6. So, for my first run with LV I played as a milk-producing sex-crazed futa Gestalt, and while it was pretty fun and challenging to balance all those needy cows and the increased amenities usage, it got me thinking. Wouldn't it be extremely distracting for regular drones in a Gestalt, if they were constantly connected to billions of peers currently experiencing pleasure and orgasm? I feel that any (organic) Gestalt going the sex craze route should suffer serious penalties on their entire industrial production, making it neccessary to invest in the LV options to balance out the loss in minerals a
  7. I agree with Mr. Otaku. Take some time off from modding. You have a lot on your palette, so conflicts can be unavoidable. Last time it took me half a year to get an unmodded version of SSE to boot into the main menu again, let alone modding it. In the meantime give Queenie the opportunity to have adventures through your art. Those may be less interactive than the game, but you have more flexibility to let her experience what *you* want, even outside the reference frame of Skyrim, in your own world.
  8. I was bored, so I used console commands to move Nazeem from the citizen faction to the bandit faction. Then I sat down in front of my beautiful Breezehome, chugged some milk, and watched the show.
  9. I know this is kinda cheap but - aren't you a demoness? Aren't we supposed to break the very fabric of reality and enter the console, if it aids our eternal quest to sow chaos?
  10. This was what I was talking about. The issue mentioned by Galactase should probably take precedence, though. Bugfixing first, then convenience options.
  11. By the way, I built the futa thongs using UUNB, and they look decent enough despite me using a CBBE body.
  12. While you're in the code, could you remove the "deactivate mutations" limitiations? I tried myself but failed to compile my version of the script in question, because I suck.
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