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Beeing Female (no kid pops out her vajj)

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hello looking for any help on Beeing Female 2.8.1 w/14d Patch. The issue is that for NPCs the kid doesn't appear. I have it all set correctly in the MCM but for some reason it won't work no more. It has worked in the past but I'm not sure if its this kinda new 14D patch or something in my game. I tried it with a brand new game to just test the birthing and still the same. here is my papy log and some snapshots i took of the log.




BTW, what is


MT_Quest_PlayerFrameworkScript.psc? i don't even have these .psc files in my game. i checked the source folder and no files for these. i had these in .pex form in the scripts folder though?





Disregard - MT = Moonlight Tales



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