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Hi guys! I was bored and came up with a new entertainment. You have probably already read that I started a new column - Fantasy Wrestling, in which the wrestlers have no history of relationships with each other, actions take place outside the story arches of my blog. Well, I decided to get a little confused and hold a big vote, and as a result of it a big event!

You have 16 wrestlers to choose from, each of them has skills (strength, dexterity, fighting skills and libido + stamina, which I hid for the duration of the vote (I will publish this indicator based on the results of the event). Your task is to choose 5 (maybe less) and vote by link! As a result of the vote will win 4. They will play the first cup according to the scheme: 1st place is 4, 2 and 3, and the winners of these two pairs will meet in the final.

How will the fights take place?


I want to reduce my influence on the battles and therefore I give everything to your choice and the initial skills that each of the fighters has. I already made a formula according to which the result of each meeting will be generated (I will publish it after the event, so that everything is fair). There are 4 parameters in it - skills of fighters, your votes, specific gravity of the voice, final place and randomness in the form of a dice ... Therefore, it won’t be necessary to win, it will win in the vote. Ha ... Well, I will not bore you anymore.
Be sure to vote, the more votes the more interesting the results!










Which fighters do you choose? (max. 5)  VOTE LINK!!!

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Good day, friends! So the vote ended. Thank you all very much for your participation, as well as the kind words and attention that I received from you in private messages. And some for reblogs. I appreciate it very much.

There are the results:







Since over the last 4th place there was strong competition between 3 fighters and, given the very small gap in votes (1-2), I decided not to upset the fans of these guys and add all three and change the initial number of fights and the Olympic selection scheme: instead of 3 fights will be 5 (hahaha! the more the better! right ??? XD) I hope this does not upset anyone, and if someone did not like this fact, you can send me an anonymous question. : P


In total, we have 6 guys who will determine the best according to the following scheme (guys who take 1st and 2nd places get a head start in the form of a later entry into the final tournament, as privileges for a larger number of fans.




For the winner of the entire event, I have already prepared a cool gift. ;)

And thanks again, I am very pleased with the feedback from you.

PS: I remind you that for the battles I developed a special formula that takes into account the characteristics of the heroes (indicators on the avatars), the love of their fans, some secret indicator (which will be discussed later) and an element of randomness in the form of a dice (oh, this love of board games and RPGs, ahaha). Therefore, even I do not know who will win.

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Greetings, my readers, at the first Fantasy Wrestling in San Myshuno tournament! The tournament is opened by Robert and Matthew. These guys are meeting for the first time, so it's hard to imagine what the result will be.


The judge's place is taken by the completely unbiased robot R76. And judging by his unflappable monitor, we will see really honest refereeing (?), which cannot be said about Robert's mood: he is clearly aggressive and self-confident and cannot help but draw our attention to himself. His fans are clearly delighted with such a gesture. What will Matthew answer? Soon we will find out. 


(Both guys have great bolts. Both cropped. Matt's dick is wider, as befits the physique of the owner)



For the first 30 seconds, the guys are doing what is good - fighting in a stance, exchanging blows. Matthew's difficult past (the redhead grew up in a poor neighborhood in Dublin, Ireland, and was forced to constantly engage in fights) gives him the edge and initiative in this gap behind him.


(Matthew is already horny. It seems the dominance over Rob’s muscular and relief body is inflaming Matthew. Robert is concentrated only on combat)




Robert finds strength in a decisive spurt, dodging a blow. Boom ... and a hook to the right. Oh, Matt clearly did not expect such a move.



The next 20 seconds, Robert brings down a hail of blows on the enemy. Looks like someone broke up! Matt falls to the floor ... Beat! Another blow.


(Success in the combat turns Rob on )




Is that all? Robert shows his muscles by grabbing his opponent by the throat.


(His hairy and muscular body glistens with sweat. Eyes are burning desire to fuck! His cock rubs against Matt's hairy stomach)




You're way out of your league! Matthew didn’t go through this (?)! A couple of tricks from the redhead and Robert is already flying in the air. Seems like is grappling is Rob's weak spot... But Matthew, who has excellent wrestling skills, realized that. What does Rob oppose? 




Judging by the appearance of Robert is clearly not easy, an abundance of blood, a broken nose, a dissected lip. Both fighters exude hatred and anger. But it seems Matthew does not plan to stop. The enemy is completely under his control. 


(Hahaha! Rob, where did your boner go? Now you’re so available to Matt)  ?




Oh, Rob is clearly having oxygen problems here - Matt’s powerful muscles clutching his head threaten to send his competitor to sleep. 


(The smell of Robert’s sweat and roar. It makes Matt’s dick burn. It’s waiting for Robert’s ass)




A few shots and tricks, and Matt breaks Rob's hopes. His broken body is under the complete control of an opponent. It looks like an aggressive handsome played his game, which Matthew uses to show his dominance. Yes, yes, how not to show off. (?)


(Matt's dick exudes lube. He is trembling with tension. The glans penis is red. And the eggs are full of sperm ... A great scene to end the match! Complete dominance)














Pls, subscribe to MY TUMBLR 




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