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penis stretching

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Hi there!


I hope someone can give me a little tab in the right direction to solve this problem. As you can see on the screenshot the penis of the males is stretching weird. During sex animations the penis stays in the air on a fix position, regardless of what movement the male owner does.


My first thought was that there must be a problem with the physics of the male genitalia. But which mod is in charge for this physics?


For installation of AAF  I followed this guide: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/124848-aaf-a-comprehensive-installation-guide-and-resource-collection-wip/ and it worked a long time. In chapter III I chose the "Combination B" of female / male bodies.


thank you all in advance for your help.




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On 3/15/2020 at 4:15 PM, SilverPerv said:

That guide is now out-of-date.

Try this guide instead.


About your problem....

It seems to be a problem with your 'skeleton'

Uninstall CBBE Knee Fix or ZaZout if you have either of them, and make sure you have Zex Extended Skeleton installed.

thank you for your answer and help. I installed the Zex Extended Skeleton and this extreme stretching is no more. At the moment sometimes the dicks look like a banana but I will try to solve this.

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Because using are very likely still trying to use a CBBE or TWB body mod for females and a Zex skeleton dependent mod for males & it is incompatible out the box. The skeletons aren't compatible. Why this needs to be repeated to people constantly ad infinitum is baffling; read the mod compatibility notes. Either use compatible body types or learn how to setup gender specific skeletons to make them compatible.

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On 2/6/2021 at 12:05 PM, I dunno :| said:

Yeah the whole "Delete Knee fix and reinstall zex" didn't work for me....

Any help?

I had that issue while trying to use cbbe with females and bodytalk3 for males, skeletal adjustments for cbbe was what turned out to have been causing it (which in hindsight should have been obvious to me)

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