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[Request] Mod Commission?

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I don't post on here often, but I do browse almost daily, and the mod that brought me here was kinda what I hoped to find more of, so I'm curious:

With the absolute state of Deceased that mod has entered, what would it cost (Money, Time, etc) to have a modder take up the challenge of creating something like it? I'm not really big on the idea of rape, and I know many other people on here have posted on the previous mods forum about wishing there were updates, so there is interest, but it seems to be plebs like me who can't code.

Personally, doesn't have to be Story Driven or Fancy or anything, an NPC who can target the player for the event (On a timer to avoid constant, possibly adding a more surprising element if you forget where the timer is at currently), maybe even with the old version of the mod where the armour was then run off with and tossed onto a central location or hidden?

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