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God " eater " Burst

Guest Lady Luck

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Guest Lady Luck


" The most bad ass game ever made "




Gods Eater burst is a third person action game for the Playstation Portable (PSP), made by Bandai Namco, and published by D3,  i effing love what d3 done to this game so many people says its a ripped off  on monster hunter , i don't clearly see the similiarity on this game,  because it's set on the future plus the game has storyline which monster hunter doesn't i especially love all the characters on this game however the hero on this series doesn't talk , i don't want to spoil the story so you had to play for you self.


the gameplay wise it's not much but purely understandable because its psp expecting  too much on portable gaming is not really necessary , there's few glitches on this game i can't stand like when you devour a  monster sometimes the  item didn't appear,  another thing  about this game that annoy the crap out of me is the questing system you need to download it get this if a mission grey out you need to download dlc pack to continue story progression other wise you cant play that episode.





overall is this worthy of being psp tile yes it is , i spent literlaly hundreds of hours trying to unlock skill, weapon and stuff that's in the  game , and i'm still didn't get the leveling system on this one , this game also have coop feature which pretty good  but doesn't have online  feature like monster hunter did  so why is this game label monster hunter ripped off i don't know but  seriously tho this is a must get psp title i finished this game twice and i still play it XD. oh yeah you can free roam after you finish main mission to grind left over experience point or unlockables.


Wiki site to get started on getting know God Eater burst




god eater burst opening


god eater gameplay

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Nice game, though the dipshit translators deserve a smack for making it so that my female character is referred to as a male in all cutscenes, because they somehow forgot that the original Japanese dialogue was gender neutral.


Got a bit repetitive though, as these things do. Still need to finish it sometime.

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Guest Lady Luck

it wasn't if monster hunter had storyline then it would be the same if doesn't this game is very different because each character play important role but monster... just drop you on a quest then go hunt monster this one require heavy task to unlock weapons plus the weapon design isn't the same it was bone instead that thing can devour god eater, if you play long enough you know because it doesnt have taming system.

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I actually played this a year ago, and yup it's similar, i mean REEAAALLY SIMILAR.

It even has items that functions the same in MH, Flash Bombs in MH = Stun grenade in GE, potions in MH = Elixirs in GE, even their different potency is the same, potion = elixir 1, mega potion = elixir 2, Max potion = Elixir 3.

Item Selection is pratically the same and yup even the weapon upgrade system is the same, getting parts from the enemies you slay. The only difference I can think of is that GE has some added combat mechanics like jumping and dashing.

In terms of difficulty, MH is waaay HARDER than God eater.

I think I still have my copy of the game somewhere...

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As the saying goes, Imitaton is the best form of flattery, HAHA



I'm told this is the case in Japan, where imitating is considered a compliment as long as you're adding to it and making it your own in some way and not just xeroxing.

God Eater adds enough to be distinct from MH and fun, that it shares some basic concepts isn't a problem.

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